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My name is Pedro J. Aphalo. I created this site to collect notes about techniques and equipment for photography beyond the visible. This is for me like a notebook, that I share in case others find the findings useful. By beyond the visible I mean photographing what we cannot normally see with our naked eyes: small things, things far-away and wavelengths too short or too long to be perceived by our own eyes, movement that is too slow or too fast for us to perceive as well as fluorescence induced by ultraviolet and visible radiation.

Currently I show some of my photographs at Flickr, and only a link is provided from this site to them. Photographs that I include in posts here are for illustration of technical content in most cases.

Why rumblings and whispers?

When I set the name I was grumbling about bad quality equipment… and “rumblings” was what I had in my mind (“…rumblings of discontent…”). The content of this blog will be more varied and positive than that… so I had to find a positive word to accompany rumblings, a word that hints that I will reveal technical and methodological secrets to those who visit my blog. For the time being, “whispers” will do… (“If people whisper about a piece of information… …[it] might be a secret…”. Both words also describe sounds. A whisper is “a low soft rustling sound” and a rumble is “a low continuous noise”. As in “the whisper of the breeze and the rumble of thunder” (see The Collins Dictionary for the British English definitions of whisper and rumbling).

Scope and organization

The site is divided into a blog containing short posts with news (revised only in case they contain errors), pages with content of longer term usefulness (updated as needed) and a link to albums of my photographs stored at Flickr. The equipment I describe in this site is what I use, I do not review or test equipment for the sake of it. The content just reflects my own opinions, with no direct influence from suppliers or manufacturers.

How the site is built and served

For nearly 10 years the site has been based on WordPress which dynamically serves pages built from the content of a data base. In this new incarnation the pages in the site are static, served from files generated off-line using Quarto using R markdown encoded sources, and a rendering chain based on R, knitr, and Pandoc.

A significant drawback of the move is that post and page URLs have have changed while on the on the other the new built-in search works very well. The new hierarchical organization was my own decision.

Citing posts and pages

The following citation is for the whole site:

Aphalo, Pedro J., (2013-2023) Photo Rumblings and Whispers, https://www.photo-spectrum.info/, Helsinki.

The author, date of first posting and of the most recent edit are displayed for each post under the title, so an example citation could be:

Aphalo, Pedro J. (2023) UV short-pass filter stacks. https://www.photo-spectrum.info/, Helsinki. Visited on 2023-04-18.

Publisher and place of publication

Publisher and editor: Pedro J. Aphalo

Place of publication: Helsinki, Finland.

Hosting service

This site has been hosted for many years, and continues being hosted after the recent migration to Quarto, by Webbinen which I can only praise and recommend. Support has been incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and fast, every single time I have contacted them over these years. All my sites have worked without a glitch for many years.